Lunchtime Fun at the Southpointe Town Center

While the Southpointe Town Center has 5 different places for you to get lunch each workday, we understand some people brown bag it.  Well, we have something for you too!  Come down to the Southpointe Town Center and bring your lunch to our park!  Instead of grass our park utilizes turf, so even if you don’t have a blanket you can sit down in the ‘grass’ with no fear of getting dirty!

Southpointe Town Center's Park

For those of you who are a little more competitive, stop by with coworkers or friends and play some bocce!  We have a full turfed court for you to play, and when the weather is nice we will put out balls for your use, or you can always bring your own!  Besides that, you can toss a Frisbee, kick a soccer ball, whatever you can think of to breakup the workday!

Southpointe Town Center Park Bocce Green